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June 3, 2012
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Miyuki's Angelic Parasol by Ririchiiyo Miyuki's Angelic Parasol by Ririchiiyo
The Tormented Angel
The darkness surrounded him like an aurora. As Miyuki stood up, she slips and find her hand in his. She quickly pulled her hand away and patted the water down her dress.
"Who are you?" Miyuki asked, wiping away her tears.
"Kiyoshi." He answered,"And you, lovely miss?"
"Miyuki.." Miyuki replied.
"Miyuki, such a beautiful name for a beautiful miss."
"Thank you.." Miyuki blushed and then asked, "Where exactly am I?"
"Pan-" Kiyoshi began to say. But before he could finish. The little kitten jumped from his arms and ran into the light. Kiyoshi quickly reached for him and Miyuki gasped at the sight of him. To her surprise, two enormous black wings settled beside him and a mask was placed over his eyes. His blonde hair shimmer in the sunlight.
Miyuki shuttered and whispered, "Fallen Angel.."
As Kiyoshi took ahold of the jumpy little Haru, he slowly replied, "I'd prefer demon. We all do ever since the Creator abandoned us here in Pandora Realm."
"PANDORA REALM?! Oh no.. What have I gotten myself into.." Miyuki wondered out loud.
"My my. What have we here? An ANGEL?" a voice called from the dark woods.
Miyuki looked up suddenly to see a young teenager, a bit older than she is standing before her. The girl's eyes were pure red and her silver hair falls down her shoulder. Behind her, her dark wings stretched out and then back in.
"Misaki," Kiyoshi said, "Why did you follow me again?"
"Please Onii-chan," the female demon said, "You must stop wandering around the edge of Pandora Realm. The Queen will be angry. She does not find it the slightest amusing that you've created this enlightened place."
"What good is it to have a talent in bringing paintings to life if I cannot use it?" Kiyoshi said.
Miyuki blinked in confusion."Bring paintings to life?"
"Tsk, tsk. What would an angel know about a demon's talents?" Misaki snickered with a grin.
"Please Misaki, do not insult your own kind. When you first fell into Pandora Realm. You've known nothing as well." Kiyoshi said.
"Onii-chan! Queen Pandora has transformed me into a demon just like you. I am no longer a weak little angel."
Miyuki's eyes widen, "You were formally an angel? But the Elders told us that no guardian angel has ever fallen into Pandora Realm."
Misaki suddenly laughed. Is she mocking me? Miyuki thought.
"How could you have fallen for those Elders' words?" the demon sneered."Even if they are the oldest of all angels. They lie, cheat, and does not care for anyone but themselves. I've been here for over a thousand years. Yet they've never sent anyone here to find me. They do not care. And neither do I. In fact, I am particularly glad that Queen Pandora accept and turned me into one of her kind. I am proud to call myself a demon." Misaki's wings shoot up into the air and she reached toward Miyuki.
Kiyoshi quickly jumped in front of her and held his arms in front of her. "What do you think you are doing Misaki?" he frowned.
"Hmph, I was only having a little fun. She seems weak," Misaki chuckled and finally stood back down on the ground.
Tears swelled up to Miyuki's eyes. She crouched down in fear and began sobbing again. "It's alright little one," Kiyoshi said patting her head as he placed Haru in front of her. Miyuki slowly looked up to see her kitten meowing at her. She sniffed and held Haru close to her.
"Tch, what a fool. This is boring. You best return back to the Kingdom Onii-chan and just leave her to the other demons to devourer. If the Queen finds you helping her. She'll be sure to lock you up again," Misaki said as she flew away into the darkness.
"Don't mind her," Kiyoshi said softly. Now, why don't we get you out of those wet clothes and into a dry one?"
Miyuki slowly nodded and stood up with Haru in her arms. Kiyoshi waved for her to follow as he flew up into the air. Miyuki smiled and flapped her wet wings and attempted to follow, but instead, she falls back onto the ground. "My wings are still wet," she said slowly.
"That's alright. We'll walk," the demon said as he pulled Miyuki's arm and dragged her deep into the forest away from the light. Miyuki smiled at the thought that Kiyoshi was perhaps different from the stories that the Elders had told about how dangerous the demons could be. Kiyoshi seemed like a demon who simply wishes to step into the light.
As they walked in silence Miyuki finally asked, "Why is it so dark in Pandora Realm?"
Kiyoshi looked back at her and replied, "When the Creator trapped us here. She wanted to destroy us but failed to create a light strong enough to make us extinct. Instead, her power was somehow consumed by some of the demons. And I am one of the demons. That is why I have the power to bring paintings to life. I believe that we shouldn't always be cornered by darkness. But Queen Pandora dispised the idea of light. So once, she trapped me inside a tower, trying to bring darkness back to the land in which I brought light upon. When she did not succeed, she released me. Commanding me to never create light in this world again. Even though, the part of the world where light still shines can never be undone, the Queen banished all demons from ever going there."
"What about you and your imouto?" Miyuki asked referring to Misaki.
"There are exceptions,"Kiyoshi laughed,"My imouto and I are the Queen's most trusted advisers. We can go any place we wish as long as we do not go against the Queen." Before Miyuki could ask anything else. They stopped at a gate and Miyuki almost fainted at the sight of an enormous castle before her.
"You alright?" Kiyoshi quickly asked.
"Y-yes, I'm fine." Miyuki said.
"I apologize that I cannot bring you to the front of the castle. But we must enter from the back. You must not meet the Queen in clothes like those."
"No no. That's quite alright. But must I meet the Queen? All I want is to leave here and go back to Heaven. I-" Voices interrupted Miyuki and Kiyoshi pulled her arm and hurried with Miyuki inside the two large French doors.
"What is it?" Miyuki asked when she finally caught her breath.
"Guards," Kiyoshi answered as he pushed the doors shut, "Come now, follow me." He began walking up a trail of stairs and Miyuki followed behind him until they stopped in front of a door.
"This is where they keep all of the Queen's dresses. They are new ones so she will not know that it is even her own. But quickly now," Kiyoshi whispered as he took Haru from her arms and pushed Miyuki through the door.
Miyuki's eyes widen as she gazed at the thousands of dresses hung up around the room. They were all too beautiful for words. She could play dress up in here for an eternity! But there were no time for that, Kiyoshi had told her to hurry.
"Goodness!" Miyuki called as her eyes laid upon a dark Lolita dress with bows. Her face brightened up as she pulled it off the hanger on the wall. She pulled her wet dress off and threw it on the floor. She flopped on the dress and spun around, giggling. A knock on the door interupted her happy moment.
"Yes?" she called.
"Are you almost done Miyuki?" Kiyoshi's voice called.
"Yes I'm coming!" Miyuki said as she grabbed a random accessory, clipped it onto her dress and rushed out the door.
Kiyoshi smiled at the sight of Miyuki's appearance. "This suites you very well Miyuki."
"Thank you," Miyuki blushed and smiled back.
Kiyoshi handed Miyuki a parasol. "This is for you. Before the Queen finds out that you're here. I would like to show you around Pandora Realm."

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